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Implementing just one idea from MR.IDEAL™ Stop working 4 Salary” Kaduna seminar added N300,000 to our bottom line. That's what I call an excellent return on investment!

Participant – MR.IDEAL® Stop working for salary Kaduna seminar.

Study MR.IDEAL® Stop Working For Salary Book as if your life depends on it... financially it may!” 

Francis N, Lead Capital, Abuja

If you’re reading this believe me, what MR.IDEAL™ teaches you literally has the power to not only change your life, but also can improve the lives of others with literally no effort, with practice. I was at MR.IDEAL™ “Stop working 4 Salary” Lagos seminar and still carry the attitudes of wealth card to this very day. ”

AdaradohunAyodele Victor, Participant MR.IDEAL “Stop Working For Salary“ Lagos seminar

Your book is empirical and motivating.readingthrought it gave me joy for knowing the unknown. i must confess that its like a communion with nature on more about knowledge untapped. 


BoniWoko,Phd, Lecturer –UNIPORT.

“The book is educational and will help in understanding all the type of examination questions and how to answer it"

Director, Aminu Kano college of Islamic and legal studies, Kano

“This book is an interesting effort in this direction to help in the areas of weakness! The principles and instructions are concise practiceable!”

Dr. Wale George Adeniyi,Lecturer – Chemical Engineering department, Unilorin.

My name is Benjamin Abang from university of calabar international secondary school. Please, is this Mr. Ajayi Y. Opeyemi? if it Is you, I thank you for making this book named GETTING DINSTINCTION GRADES IN YOUR EXAMS EVERYTIME. it has made me get good scores like getting 121/100 in a subject. Thank you.

Benjamin Abang from University of Calabar International Secondary School

Dear MR.IDEAL® , your book is possibly the best dating and attraction advice guide l’ve ever read. U have provided an unparrallel insight into understanding and succeeding in the dating game.

Miss Abiola, Abuja

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Hi, I'm Ajayi Opeyemi (a.k.a Mr.Ideal, a.k.a ‘The Guru’) !

I'm a personal empowerment expert that have  carve a nitch in academic, social and business world in Nigeria with the ability to instigate thinking coupled with the capacity to connect with a diverse audience.Am passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation believing that these present the best solutions to poverty which has held Africa in a vice-like grip.

I’m here to show you through my own personal experiences how to achieve untold successes in your personal and business life


Get the first chapter of my New best-selling book, Stop Working For Salary, for free!



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About AJAYI Y. OPEYEMI (a.k.a Mr Ideal, a.k.a The Guru)

Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author & Success Expert.

Mr Ideal's goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined.


Mr Ideal is one of the world's top professional speakers and has delivered more than 5,000 talks and seminars.


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Success Doesn't Wait For You , You Go To It.

The reality is that in the world today there are so many problems that need urgent solutions. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in, how old you are or even how much money you make, there are basic things that every human needs to live. If you prepare for meeting these basic needs, you will have a higher level of overall preparedness and ability to face a variety of situations.

This platform proffers lasting solutions to three among these basic needs (Academic, Business and Relationship) which can be classified “Common” in Africa and considered foundational that when met will make others of lesser degree.

“It doesn’t matter how long you have waited, failed or given up hope... the solution to your Academic, Finance and Relationship challenges is going to happen here!”

In just few minutes from now, you are going to own information that will change the course of your life.Information that will give you immediate and lasting results on years of failure in your academic, Business and relationship challenges.

You are in the right place if you are committed to living your true potential.

Remember, your success starts and stops with you.


Yours in Service and Success

Mr Ideal250

Best - Selling Author, Renowned Speaker (Academic, Business and Relationship), Self Developmental Expert, and Entrepreneur

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An exceptionally captivating educational template guide that is
capable of transforming a certified dunce into an enviable academic

Okoi,  U. Ina - Dean, Student Affair CRS College Of Education, Akamkpa

My regards! From the active citizens –BUK Chapter … watched your presentation some 4 years ago ( which certainly propelled me into becoming  an A Student with a CGPA of 4.18

Sunday - Political science (buk 2015 class)

‘The book is a well researched documentary, very fundamental to the academia and an instrument of intellectualism with inspiring features for the future of its users’.

Isaac Utenwojo Ocholi, Ph.D, Department of Geography and Planning, Kogi State University, Anyigba

If you are looking for an examination studying protocols that will give you flying color results , get this material.

Hafsatujiderebala - Bauchi Poly Lecturer

This book, ‘Getting Distinction Grades in Your EXAMS’ is an in-depth exposition and insight into the erstwhile over-looked, but very crucial course on ‘how to study for excellence’. Truly, the world applauds ‘Distinction’ grade; there are no systematic framework and a laid-down principle to aid the achievement of such feat. Surprisingly, most superlative academic achievers are often unable to articulate and clearly narrate the detailed path-way for such sterling performance to guide others, who desire similar achievements. Such achievers as well as their school administrators attribute ‘Distinction’ grades to a generic term, ‘hard-work’. However, based on the true reality about making a ‘Distinction’ grade brought into my consciousness through this priceless compendium by ‘Applewells’, it is obvious that about 60% of the total hard-work by most ‘Distinction’ achievers never had any correlation with their performances. It implies that with guided information on how to study hard and study right as contained in this book, every student can attain ‘Distinction’ grade. Indeed, the knowledge content of this book and the general vision of “Applewells’ are rare gifts that can engrave A…s instead of E…s in your future academic narrative. Therefore, I implore you to discard all presumptions against this book and kindly read-on to discover amazing simple facts on how to study for excellent grades. You will be glad and thankful to God to have read this book.

Uchenna Israel Okafor - Lecturer, Uyo City Polytechnic, Akwa Ibom State.


Mr Ideal250

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Get the first chapter of my New best-selling book, Stop Working For Salary, for free!

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